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Free Ride Home

SRPU Press Release: 

ATHENS, Ga. – Designated Dawgs is excited to announce it will be hosting the annual Safe Ride Program United (SRPU) Conference in Athens, Ga. Feb. 1 – 3, 2012.

Designated Dawgs is student-run, nonprofit organization at the University of Georgia committed to making the community a safer place by providing safe, free, nonjudgmental rides home.  Designated Dawgs has provided over 71,500+ rides home since 2002.

SRPU serves as a centralized coalition of similar safe ride programs from colleges and universities across the nation.  SRPU acts as a central support system and information resource for existing and prospective safe ride programs.

Each year a member program hosts the annual conference.  For 2013, Designated Dawgs is hosting the conference in Athens, GA.

The following universities (and programs) will be attending the 2013 conference:

Western Michigan University (Drive Safe Kalamazoo), Texas A&M (Carpool), James Madison University (Safe Rides), Colorado State (Ram Ride), University of Missouri (STRIPES), University of Arkansas (Safe Rides) and Stephen F. Austin State University (Driving Jacks) in addition to Florida Gulf Coast University and Michigan State University who are both interested in starting safe ride programs.

The conference will provide valuable learning and leadership development opportunities for safe ride programs across the country.

Over the course of three days, participating programs will attend workshops focusing on Operations & Logistics, Internal Operations & Logistics, Risk Management, Fundraising and Outcome Directed Thinking.

Visiting students will also tour the University of Georgia and have the opportunity to visit cultural events in Downtown Athens.

Designated Dawgs is proud to continue its commitment to making the Athens community and other college campuses a safer place by hosting this conference.

If you have any additional questions, please contact:

Leigh Borkowski

Executive Director, Designated Dawgs

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