Over the past 11 years, Designated Dawgs has been proud to serve the community, providing a resource Athens and UGA desperately needs.  Designated Dawgs has provided over 74,000 rides, but we need your help to continue providing our commitment to the community.
          We are sad to announce that we will not be able to use our current office space in the Fred Building for much longer, as the owner will be repurposing the building. We are currently searching for inexpensive or donated office space in downtown Athens.  An office space in Downtown is crucial to our volunteer operations and ability to provide our service to the community.  Historically, our office space has been donated which has enabled us to devote our budget entirely to operations in order to maximize our services.  We receive no funding directly from the University of Georgia and are looking to the community to help us find a new home.  Please share this with others in the community and contact us at designateddawgs@gmail.com if you have any information that could assist us.
          Thank you for helping us continue to keep Athens safe!