Hi everyone! 

The end of this 2021-2022 school year marked Designated Dawgs twenty-first year of operations. We are also happy to announce that this year we gave over 1,000 rides! 

Our 2021-2022 Designated Dawgs Executive Staff Photo

This spring semester we were also awarded a grant to fund next year’s operations by the UGA Parents Leadership Council and cannot thank them enough for their support! 

We also grew our Executive Board these past couple months and streamlined multiple positions in preparation for next year after four of our amazing senior Exec Board members graduated this month. We’re sad to lose these four incredible seniors but wish them all the best in their post-grad plans! 

Lastly, our program would not be possible without all the support we had this year and we want to thank every UGA student, parent, and faculty and staff member who helped support us as we began our return to normal operations. 

We cannot wait to resume our operations later this fall and as always, Go Dawgs! 


Kate Whitley 

Vice President of Communications