Apply for Designated Dawgs’ 2014 – 2015 Executive Board

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Interested in great leadership opportunities?
Designated Dawgs is recruiting students for its 2014-2015 Executive Board!
Getting involved with Designated Dawgs is an amazing opportunity to grow as a leader and give back to the community.  The Executive Board provides students with amazing experience in our finance, operations and communications departments.  Designated Dawgs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and is always a fun group to work with.
We encourage anyone to apply, regardless of our experience with Designated Dawgs or other student organizations 
Message the Designted Dawgs team on Facebook or e-mail us at
The Application
Applications for the 2013-2014 Executive Board can be accessed at  Applications are due Monday, April 28th at 11:59 pm.
We will host short, informal interviews on Tuesday, April 29th
The following positions are available: Executive Director, Vice President of Finance, Director of Fundraising, Accountant, Vice President of Operations, Director of Risk Management, Director of Community Relations and Sponsors, Director of Member Relations, Vice President of Communications, Director of Public Relations, Webmaster/Historian, Director of Outreach and Health Promotions Coordinator.Thanks!
The Designated Dawgs Team

Volunteer Leadership Council

Congratulations to everyone who was selected for the Volunteer Leadership Council! You are all amazing! 

Name Branch
Elizabeth Kwok Communications
Christina Ross Finance
Jon Bryant Operations
Phillip Cox Operations
Jessica Richard Finance
Megan Davidson Communications
Meera Desai Communications
Katie Cregge Operations
Evelyn Andrews Communications
Kelli Ashwell Finance
Enio Ruka

SRPU 2014

Designated Dawgs recently returned from the 2014 Safe Ride Program United (SRPU) Conference, hosted by University of Missouri in Columbia, MO.  SRPU is a coalition of safe ride programs across the country that meet each year for leadership development training and workshops focused on growing and improving programs.
This year, Designated Dawgs sent four representatives to the SRPU conference: Sarah Hughes, Patrick Klibanoff, Annelise Wornat, and Leigh Borkowski.
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The conference included representation from 14 universities with safe ride programs and more than 50 students.
The annual SRPU conference provides the opportunity for individuals to network with other programs and bring back initiatives that have been successful at other schools.  Designated Dawgs learned a lot of valuable information from the conference, including information on volunteer membership structures, risk management protocols, public relations / marketing strategies, fundraising tips, and safe ride operations methodologies.
In addition to training and exercises targeted at improving safe ride programs, Designated Dawgs and other schools had the opportunity to go on a campus tour of Mizzou and visit local staples including Shakespeare’s Pizza.
At the conclusion of the conference, four schools submitted bids to host the 2016 SRPU conference.  Following presentations and voting, University of Arizona was selected to host the 2016 conference.
Designated Dawgs looks forward to attending the 2015 SRPU conference which will be hosted by Texas A&M and CARPOOL in College Station, TX.

Fall Semester Update

Designated Dawgs would like to thank the 67 volunteers who helped us give 460 rides this semester! Thanks to all our volunteers, riders, and sponsors!!


Designated Dawgs hit a HUGE milestone last semester, giving over 75,000  rides!! To commemorate this special event, we gave our 75,000 rider an  awesome gift bag and crown. Be on the lookout for our Rider Appreciation  Night later this semester because we’re giving away some free goodies!

Designated Dawgs hits huge milestone

DD hits 75,000 rides

Happy Homecoming!

This has been a month of a lot of change for Designated Dawgs, but we have still been very busy! Since our last newsletter we have increased our grand total of rides to OVER 75,000! This is a huge milestone, and we are very grateful for all of the support that has gotten us to this point!

The Designated Dawgs team wants to express our appreciation to Gamma Sigma Sigma, UGA Camp Kesem, BYX, MEDLIFE at UGA, and the Black Affairs Council for sponsoring nights of operation this month! If you are interested in your organization sponsoring us, please contact Director of Outreach Cassandra Clayton, at

Since we no longer have office space in the Fred Building, we are headquartered in the CSO in the Tate Center for the time being. This is where we have been starting off the night by meeting, feeding, and training our volunteers before operations begin. We are still operating downtown outside the Fred Building for the time being. We are working hard to find a new space for our operations.

We have recently started a community-wide campaign searching for sponsorship from local businesses. If you or anyone you know are interested in becoming a sponsor, let us know! You can see our sponsorship packages on our website. We are extremely grateful that Papa John’s has offered to donate pizza free of charge for all of our volunteer nights! We couldn’t run without the help of the community, and we are thankful to receive such a generous donation.

We are happy to announce that applications for our Volunteer Leadership Council will be available on our website from November 13, 2013 to January 10, 2014. If you are interested in getting more involved with the operations of Designated Dawgs or are hoping to serve on our executive board, this is a great first step! Contact Annelise Wornat, our Director of Member Outreach if you have any questions.

We are operating two more weekends this year! As always, you can sign up to volunteer with us for any of those nights here

Cy Brown of the Red & Black wrote an editorial piece expressing his support for Designated Dawgs and our services a few weeks ago. Make sure you read it here!

Thanks for your continued support!
The Designated Dawgs Team