Volunteer FAQ

How can I volunteer?

  • You can sign up to volunteer at this link!

Do I have to drive people in my own car?

  • Nope! We rent cars for our drivers to ride!

What time will I get home after volunteering?

  • We give rides until 2:15am, so you should be back at Tate around 2:45am!

Where do I go when I volunteer?

  • We meet at the first floor of Tate at 9:30pm.

Rider FAQ

If I’m under 21, will you call my parents?

  • We are nonjudgmental, so we will not ask your age, nor will we turn you in to the police, an RA, or your parents!

Will you drop me off at a freshman dorm?

  • Yes!

Where do you drive?

  • We drive anywhere in Athens.

How late do you drive?

  • We stop taking names at 2:15am!