Steps for the Navigator while operating:

1. Tell all riders to buckle their seats.

2. Read all the riders the Rider Bill of Rights:

Thank you for choosing to ride with Designated Dawgs, INC. It is our responsibility to provide you with a free, safe, nonjudgmental ride home.

Please abide by the following rules:

  • Please properly wear your seatbelt throughout the entire ride.
  • Please speak in a polite manner to all people in the car.
  • If you feel the need to relieve yourself in ANY MANNER, please inform us immediately!

If you fail to abide by these rules we reserve the right to drop you off in a well-lit area near a phone. We must follow proper protocol if you exhibit any signs or symptoms of alcohol poisoning.

If you agree, please say “YES”

Thank you.  As always, Designated Dawgs is a free service, but we do accept tips to cover the cost of gas.  Enjoy your ride and feel free to ask us any questions regarding our organization.

3. Fill out the rider log form 

4. Important information in case of emergency


Police/Ambulance/Emergency: 911

Executive Director, Nicole Saltos (770) 871-1298

VP of Operations, Jenni Roy (770) 789-5343

 What do I do when a car accident has occurred? 

1.     Do NOT move the car.

2.     Stay calm and do not admit fault in any circumstance.

3.     Call the police: 911

4.     Call the captain

5.     Use the camera in the car kit or cell phone to take pictures of the accident.

6.     Fill out an accident form.

7.     Wait for police and wait for the Designated Dawgs captain or another executive member to arrive.


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