The simple decision to get a ride home after drinking would have saved me over 300 hours of my time. You mainly hear about the expense which is substantial between fines, fees and increased insurance premiums. What is often not considered is the time you give up between court, classes and community service. Once you understand the consequences of driving after drinking the choice is simple.

— Anonymous, 2019

My friend got drunk and needed a ride home so I picked him up and dropped him at home. It was 2:30am. When I was on my way back home 3 women driving a hummer ran the stop sign. I tried to break but I ended up t-boning their car. My car got totaled while theirs only had a scratch. All three of the women were drunk and screaming at me, and the driver left the scene in a different car. I ended up losing my vehicle because of their negligence. Thankfully I walked away with minor injuries.

— Anonymous, 2019

I was hit while in the passenger seat at a redlight by (what we can only assume to be because the police never checked his BAC) a drunk driver going 60. Totaled the car and pushed us clear across the intersection, and had it not been 10 pm we probably would have been t-boned and lost one or two of the girls in the car.

I was harassed and groped in downtown New Orleans and decided to call an Uber home afterwards because I was done with the night, sat in the front seat and was complaining about what had happened to my driver when he started looking me up and down and asking how old I was, if I had a boyfriend, etc, and driving in the opposite direction from my hotel. Ended up calling my friend I was sharing a room with and staying on the phone with her until I was back at the hotel.

— Carolyn, 2019